Manually Closing Signal Trades


Im wondering if there is a convenient way to manually close trades that were opened by a signal I subscribe to.

For example, if a signal opens several trades, and after a day, the total profit goes up to $100, and instead of letting the algorithm wait to close it at less than $100, I manually close the trades to lock in the profits.

I have tried closing the trades manually already, but the same trades automatically open back up, so I'm thinking the only way to do it would be to temporarily unsync my account from the signal and then close the trades.

While unsyncing from the signal I think would need to be done with my computer, and closing the trades can be done on my computer/phone, it would be nice to have a way to do this all on my phone.

I would appreciate it if anyone has advice if there is another method or better way to do this.

Thank you