Need futures tick market data. I'm willing to pay for it (not so much).

Joel Planas Melgar  


I need the futures tick data for the contracts of the last 3 years of the NQ, ES and YM (all Mini). I have searched about it in the web but I only found expensive providers, and I thought that if someone of you have this data I could pay 10$ per ticker (YM, ES or NQ... if you provide me the 3 tickers, I pay you 30$) for the 3 year market contracts. I will also pay for the proportional part for the current year. I know it's not a big deal but if you already have this data, I'm paying a little bit... 

I need TICK data, not OHLC.

Market Period Required Price
YM futures tick data
2019 - Today 10$ 
ES futures tick data 2019 - Today 10$ 
NQ futures tick data 2019 - Today 10$

Notes: the data can be delivered in CSV format, and the contracts must be separated.

Thank you.