EA Development?


Hello, I am struggling to find anyone to develop my EA.

Its up in the freelance section and is relatively simple if not already exists.

I have been trading manually for a few years now but having decided automated trading may be worth trying, I have very little knowledge of MQL5, code base, programming, MQL5 community or etiquette?

Any help much obliged


Here is my post in "Freelane"

(Is there information or other which is obviously missing)

Dear EA Developers,

I am looking to have a very simple EA developed involving two moving averages crossing to create buy and sell signals.

On choosing the developer I will give further detail for the moving averages and their respective periods.

I am looking to be able to instantaenously open/close trades on this signal and be able to allocate a chosen percentage of funds to each trade. I would like to be able to set it running and let it trade completly automatically.

There will be a safety set pip SL and a function stopping any new trades after a certain percentage of equity is live.

If you think you can help that is great, I am sure many people have made exactly the same kind of EA although none of any of this seems to be very explanatory,

I realise this EA for an experienced developer is very easy therefore I am not looking to pay lots of money



Hey Razza

You're right, it isn't too hard to code up so I was surprised you didn't have any applications. Then I noticed......

you've somehow assigned the job to yourself!! ;) You can see this on the job title, at the end it says "(for Razza)". That has made it a private job so nobody (except you) can bid on it. I suggest you close that job and create a new one mate. Just make sure you don't assign it to anyone and I'm sure you'll get some applications pretty quickly.



You should look at ESB. You can try it out cheaply enough.

Given that you only want to use available library MA's you should have no difficulties.

I can recommend the support you will get.