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Metatrader 4 works but 5 no longer does?

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scarte64 2015.03.24 21:13 

Hey everyone,

I am pulling my hair out here and Google isn't giving me any joy for a solution.

I installed MQL5 over the weekend and everything was running smoothly, on Monday I placed 3 trades, all good. Today I went into MQL5 and it can't connect (demo account, I trade through a broker that doesn't use metatrader and their charts are awful). I have tried re-scanning for networks, creating a new demo account (it won't let me, it just takes ages trying to download 1kb at a time...) I have used the US server, re-installed over the top of it, uninstalled it completely and done a fresh install. I have amended my windows and Avast firewalls to make sure it is allowed through, I have completely disabled both firewalls, all to no avail.

Then I install MQL4 and everything works smoothly, I'm straight in getting data with a new demo account and all is well. Except for the fact I just paid $100 for a custom MQL5 script to be created yesterday which now won't work on MQL4 :(

So has anyone else had an experience like this? Where MQL5 worked but stopped, and MQL4 seems to work fine?

Any help is much appreciated!


Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic 2015.03.25 01:12  
Contact your broker. They must have some tech support.
cwave 2015.03.25 01:27  


Yep same issue.

Looked in my Journal and it says "Service is not available" somethings up any input on this issue out there.

david mackay
david mackay 2015.03.25 03:28  

I have several instances of MT5 running all day on two computers with no problems.

I am wondering about the firewall settings hindering your connection.

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