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Advice on setting up a trading platform using MQL5

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I am looking to set up a platform for a high frequency proprietary trading business and am interested in MQL5 as a fast, interim solution in the absence of building an purely in-house platform.

In the perfect world I would like a platform that can achieve the following:

- collect high frequency FX data across 38 currency pairs ; interact with a market data feed from my broker and collect it.

- interrogate that database and perform mildly complex calculations on a relatively high frequency basis, perhaps every 10 seconds. eg compute various statistical qualities of recent market ticks by analysing a recent sample of data and volume figures

- issue signals when certain criteria are met which reflect trading decisions. eg buy 1mm eurusd

- place an order into the market under certain algorithmic conditions eg buy 1mm eurusd if market spreads drop below 0.5 pips.

- collect all order confirmations into an inventory and perform various risk calculations at the portfolio level. eg total VaR.

I dont know whether MQL5 is suitable for building any or all of these functions but would be interested to get a sense of the scope of the system. My mode of development would be to code the most proprietary parts myself, but work with a developer(s) to construct the underlying platform and most technical aspects. I am interested in sourcing such developers (I suppose through the Freelance forum).

I'm interested in : what parts of this set of functions are performed well by MQL5?

making contact with anyone who is interested in helping me.

how one can go about specifying this kind of task

a sense of how much it is likely to cost

I'm afraid this is a rather general inquiry - this reflects my rather low level of knowledge of the MQL5 environment currently. Thanks in advance for any thoughts ...

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
If I understood well your requests, all of these can be done with MT5/mql5. (If your broker provides MT5 and data for all these 38 pairs).
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