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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2015.02.28 11:50 

The latest MetaTrader 4 Android version features re-designed interface revised according to Google Style Guide recommendations in the same way as it was done to MetaTrader 5 Android.

Updated MetaTrader 4 for Android: New Design, News Line and System Journal

The mobile application functionality was not overlooked either. We have added the new features making the trading experience even more comfortable:

  1. The financial news line provides only the most useful and relevant information for traders. This service allows you to keep abreast of the latest developments and quickly react to news-driven market changes.

  2. The new system Journal keeps information about the terminal events including executed trade operations.

Update your MetaTrader 4 Android and experience the new features of the mobile application. 


sromao 2015.03.04 13:10  

The previous version had less steps for any action

My suggestions: Revise interface in a way that it takes less keystokes (fingerpresses) for each action. The old interface was better in that. (tablet and smartphone)

Make the history depth a parameter level on the configuration. I use 1 day only and having 3 months is of no use to me and uses more data. Could be between 1 day up to 3 months. Old interface had only 1 day history by default. (tablet and smartphone)

For tablet version, if you use a 7" (i use Google nexus7) display the new interface is a nightmare. Or you can see the graphic, or the orders, or if you select both  non of it seen correcly, while the prices on the side are always there. The new interface seems a good idea, but franlky, it introduced so much trouble in usability that I'm doubting that metaquotes currently have anyone actually thinking of usability of the tool.

On the good side, I like the new bold significant digits, the messaging system have been fixed for some traders, and the notification on the price that we have trades.

keep on with the good work.

Ahmad Affandi
Ahmad Affandi 2015.03.29 17:41  
<p>for Windows Phone 8, please..</p>
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.04.10 17:20  
<p>for Windows Phone 8, please..</p>
Windows phone is not supported at this time.
showmethepips 2015.04.18 14:18  
Can a EA or Indicator of your own be integrated?
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.04.18 14:22  
Can a EA or Indicator of your own be integrated?
Not currently.
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