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New article Principles of Exchange Pricing through the Example of Moscow Exchange's Derivatives Market has been published:

This article describes the theory of exchange pricing and clearing specifics of Moscow Exchange's Derivatives Market. This is a comprehensive article for beginners who want to get their first exchange experience on derivatives trading, as well as for experienced forex traders who are considering trading on a centralized exchange platform.

In the middle of 2011, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform was certified for the Russian stock exchange "Russian Trading System" (RTS), which has been combined with the Moscow International Currency Exchange (MICEX) into a single Moscow Exchange. Undoubtedly, this is a landmark event. It has opened up an opportunity for many traders to try themselves in stock trading, while still using the familiar and reliable MetaTrader terminal. Another important event happened recently: MetaTrader 5 has become available in Moscow Exchange's FX Market enabling real currency spot trading on a transparent exchange platform.

Despite these remarkable events, exchange trading is considered something mysterious, especially by forex traders. This article is aimed at dispelling the mystery. It is the result of a great effort at creating HedgeTerminal - a special system inside MetaTrader 5, which allows traders to comfortably perform their trading activities in the conditions of the Exchange environment.

Exchange pricing

This material is a good starting point in the study of trading. It gives the basics, so experienced exchange traders will hardly find anything new here. However, real communication with experienced traders shows that many simple "exchange basics" are new for them. Another important point is that the information about the specifics of exchange trading is scattered throughout the Internet, poorly structured and inconsistent. Moreover, description of the many nuances is simply unavailable. Therefore, it is important to make up a single well systematized and comprehensive source of related information. I hope this article will be just such a source.

The article provides detailed descriptions of the whole process of exchange trading, the theory of pricing and clearing techniques.

Author: Vasiliy Sokolov

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

This is probably the best article I have read on this site, and I have read a lot of them.

Congratulations for this great article.

Zeke Yaeger
Zeke Yaeger  
Thank you a lot.
This article head my knowledge of the market to another level. Now I am determined to learn algorithmic scalping with the DOM.
The autor wrote a serie of articles about it for those who are interested.