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understanding enums

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gjrexach 2011.06.22 02:51 

Hi All..!!

I am new to MQL5 and am unclear about enums. 

The question is as follows:

I want to identify a buy position close from a sell position close...

i have a common function 'void closePosition(int piType, string psSymbol, ....)' that closes either/or, so I pass the Position type in the parameter List.


Within the function :

int iAskBid = SYMBOL_ASK; 



request.type = piType; // This gives a warning: implicit enum conversion... Guess that is ok

request.price = SymbolInfoDouble(psSymbol,iAskBid); // This gives me the no one of overload... error=====


tried casting iAskBid to enum , (enum)iAskBid) .. but that does not work.. Are enums not integers?

What am I doing wrong? do I HAVE to USE the enum Identifier?

  any help/explanation would be appreciated !! Tried looking it up in the MQ5 Doc and Google but found nothing regarding MQL5 

Thanks in advance.... 

Tried casting it to (ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE) iAskBid, and that cleared the error... Is this correct? 

Andrei Moraru
Andrei Moraru 2011.06.22 11:08  

enum is enum. It shouldn't be declared as int or double. Try:

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