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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.09.15 09:53 

New article Contest of Expert Advisors inside an Expert Advisor has been published:

Using virtual trading, you can create an adaptive Expert Advisor, which will turn on and off trades at the real market. Combine several strategies in a single Expert Advisor! Your multisystem Expert Advisor will automatically choose a trade strategy, which is the best to trade with at the real market, on the basis of profitability of virtual trades. This kind of approach allows decreasing drawdown and increasing profitability of your work at the market. Experiment and share your results with others! I think many people will be interested to know about your portfolio of strategies.

Author: Evgeniy Trofimov

whroeder1 2010.09.15 16:50  
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    It's not necessary to use loops to move A[i+1]=A[i]

        ArraySetAsSeries(mem, true);        // Shift values m[2]=m[1]; m[1]=m[0]
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morken 2010.10.07 06:51  

Thanks for your sharing!

morken 2010.10.07 07:31  

A newbie question that how to upload the files correctly?

Competition_v1.0.mq4 upload to // set up / experts, right?

Then where should I put RealTrend.mqh and VirtualTrend.mqh to?


MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.06.29 16:51  

This is a great concept and resource. I look forward to becoming competent enough to utilize it.

Give the potential, it is to bad that more people aren't getting involved in this.

Pankaj D Costa
Pankaj D Costa 2015.03.14 20:07  

Thanks for wonderful presentation, its really helpful.


Bahrom Juraev
Bahrom Juraev 2015.03.19 16:09  
Is the author available yet ?
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