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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2008.01.21 11:29 

New article Betting Modeling as Means of Developing "Market Intuition" has been published:

The article dwells on the notion of "market intuition" and ways of developing it. The method described in the article is based on the modeling of financial betting in the form of a simple game.

This article dwells on a simple mechanism of betting modeling in the real-time mode. So, what is Betting? Financial Betting - forecasting regarding the further movement (up or down) of a security and acquiring money if the forecast comes true. (Translated into English from Russian Wikipedia by MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

Actually, in betting we are interested in one thing: whether a security goes up or down. The volume of this movement is not important for us.

If we use betting in the form of a game on small timeframes, we can develop our "market intuition". We can learn to "foresee" whether a pair goes up or down. This is what will be described in this article.

After attaching it to a chart, we get the following result:

We see two arrows on the last bar - up and down. In the upper left corner we see the score of the game and the terminal time of the last tick. The score is displayed in three figures: the first one is the total score, the second one (the first in brackets) is the number of positive answers (correct forecast), the third one (the second in brackets) is the number of negative answers (incorrect forecast). And the time is displayed for the convenience of operation in Full Screen mode (F11).

Author: Eryomin Sergey

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.01.22 07:43  
Thanks for the great article! This is a good idea - the ability to "play" the market, with out having to actually trade... it's like a nice break, or something to do in between making orders.

Can I suggest, that this idea can be further expanded? I'd like to see the ability to keep score on the screen, in the chart, so you can see a readout of your wins / losses in real time. That would be fantastic! Then, maybe everyone can send in their results to see who is the best. ;-)

Good work! Thanks again for sharing.

Take care,

... Christopher
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.05.22 23:07  

i download the file in to exper adviser and attach to chart witout any modifications but instead a smilley face i have an x please explain what i did wrong you can email me @

thanks in advance for you help

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.06.15 01:50  

the x through the smiley is becuase you have not allowed the expert to run.


in one of the tool bars above the charts you should see a button labeled "Expert Advisor" click it until it turns green, that should fix the error

DougRH4x 2009.07.26 22:10  

Hi Christopher,

I just received this link and skimmed it and will check it out thoroughly later.

My initial experience on the ForEx backs up what it says about 'Market Intuition' though.

On the first day of live trading I doubled my account just by looking at the 'flow', but then spent the next week 'trying' to hang onto it. Granted, I am very much a beginner at this and have only just scratched the surface, but from what little I’ve learned so far and using the various indicators, MA etc; I spend most of my time now just trying to get out of losing trades and breaking even or minimizing my losses.

It’s too bad there isn’t better integration and more flexibility with ‘trailing stop losses’ built into the MT4 platform.

Maybe in the MT5, NOT! I think it is very likely that this is by design and not an oversight.

Prosperous trading

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