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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2007.05.14 11:58 

New article Ten "Errors" of a Newcomer in Trading? has been published:

The article substantiates approach to building a trading system as a sequence of opening and closing the interrelated orders regarding the existing conditions - prices and the current values of each order's profit/loss, not only and not so much the conventional "alerts". We are giving an exemplary realization of such an elementary trading system.

Author: rsi

Vlad Vahnovanu
Vlad Vahnovanu 2007.08.17 11:12  
It a very good article!Thanks.
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.04.28 18:51  

Great articel rsi, thank you very much for it! One thing is just wondered; you say that "...however, the system works at smaller initial deposits, only the interval of sl should be greater. If the deposit is $1000, the interval should be 300...". I just couldn't find any "interval" for stoploss from your code, so could you please explain a bit more what you mean with this?

Thanks in advance!

Zerit0 2012.05.23 23:51  
Thanks for sharing!
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