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Automated Trading Championship 2011: How to Participate in the Competition

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Only a week has passed since the beginning of the registration, and already more than 250 people have expressed their desire to compete for the ATC prizes. More than a hundred of them have submitted their information and have been accepted after their data were checked by a moderator.

But based on the experience of the previous Automated Trading Championships, we known that a significant portion of those willing to participate in the competition couldn't complete the registration stage. We will try to describe all the aspects of how to register and fill out personal data to help everyone easily join the new race.

What you need to do in order to participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2011:

  • Register and confirm your participation
  • Provide the necessary confidential information about yourself to the organizers
  • Download all the files required for the operation of your Expert Advisor


The Championship website at is tightly integrated into Therefore, there are two ways to submit an application for participation:

  • If you do not have an account at Complete the standard registration procedure on the site of the Automated Trading Championship 2011. Activate your account by clicking on the link from the email you receive after the registration. In this case, your participation in the Championship will be automatically confirmed.
  • If you have already registered at the In this case, you simply need to log on, go to the Championship website and confirm your participation by clicking the appropriate button.

OpenID now supports a new convenient way of authentication, which was earlier announced in our forum. If you do not have an account, and want to take part in the Championship (as well as become a member of the we recommend that you use the convenience of this new technology.

The registration procedure using OpenID is pretty simple:

  • Select one of the OpenID providers and enter the details of your account.
  • Create a login name under which you will be presented at the Automated Trading Championship 2011 and in the

Benefits of OpenID:

  • No need to create a complex password during registration
  • No need to confirm your email address, as during a usual registration procedure
  • No need to enter your login and password to login on and - just click on the icon of your OpenID provider.

You can read the full text of the article on the Championship site - How to Participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2011.

The Automated Trading Championship 2011 is sponsored by MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The media sponsor is Forex-TSD.

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