Is it possible that it trade only one time per condition?(Only one trade per signal)



I wanted t know if someone can help me out all my script is done but when i put on backtesting the EA open more than one trade when the conditions are good

My conditions are if CCI > 100 and when the candles of the chart are over the moving average it's a buy signal 

But when the buy signal is given the EA opens plenty of trades can somebody help me out?

I try that when the conditions are good that the EA only open one trade per buy signal

My code is below

Thank you,

Of course. Assuming that there only should be not more than1 open position check if there is a buy signal whether there is one open buy position (do nothing) and if there is a sell position or no open position open a buy position (and close the sell position).
  1. Check for an open order before opening. Or,

  2. Act on a change of signal.
              MQL4 (in Strategy Tester) - double testing of entry conditions - MQL4 programming forum #1 (2017)