can you sell signals for stocks or only forex

Fernando Carreiro  
Maria Del Carmen Hortelano: i wanted to ask this to the website admin but there's no way to contact them other than the chat bot. does anybody know if as a signal provider i can sell stock signals or is it only for forex?

You can sell signal subscriptions for any symbol or market supported by MetaTrader. That includes "Stocks"!

Eleni Anna Branou  
Fernando Carreiro #:

I thank that Eleni may have just misunderstood your question as being that you were in search of such a "stocks signal and not that you were planing to do one yourself and that you were only asking if that would be agreeable.

Yes Fernando, I read it too fast and gave the wrong answer.

Of course a signal provider can provide signals and trades of any instrument, the fact is though that when you are broadcasting such trades it is more difficult for subscribers to copy using other brokers.

Stocks usually are represented with different symbols between various brokers and that makes their copying tricky.