The MT5 strategy tester gives me random results what to do?

hello everyone and thanks from now to those who will have the patience to help me.
I have always used MT4 and now I have downloaded MT5 but I have a big problem. I am testing some Experts but unfortunately I have found that the results I get do not have any value as by testing the same Expert downloaded on MT5 of three different brokers, antithetical results are obtained that certainly they cannot be justified by the small variations typically found in the historical data of different brokers. In the attached folder you will find the complete results that seem to have come out not from a tester but from a random algorithm that shoots results at random. Certainly I am mistaking something macroscopic.
Thanks to those who have the patience to help me; I like to understand and not accept what logic and common sense classify as absurd.
See you soon and scuse me  if I write bad English, like many Italians from my old 50s generation
Each broker is different. Search google, or this forum and you will see that every broker is different. I can put 1 ea on 1 broker and profit 1 million dollars, but put that 1 ea on 2nd broker and lose 1 Million dollars.