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Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki 2014.12.20 08:03 

How to avoid such spikes in spreads? In my new EA i added blockade on all stop losses if spread exceeds the av spread by 4x. Guess it is my only idea for now on how to modify the Expert Advisor. Here on the screenshot it was 20 times the average and killed my signal: (on Roboforex acount) at 23:48

Question to other programmers and traders: how do you deal with such abusive practices from brokers?

Pankaj Bhaban
Pankaj Bhaban 2014.12.20 15:35  

it seems you have an hidden or dynamic or collective stoploss and takeprofit from your trades in screenshot

In case of sudden spread increase make EA to consider that spread for that time where spread increases, keep monitoring the spread and keep adding the same before closing the trades by EA.

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