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DLL newly returning garbage with MT5 build 1036

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chinaski 2014.12.19 20:04 


have a DLL with a function returning string (wchar_t*), so unicode.

The DLL was not changed since long time and work 2 weeks ago with MT5.

But with new build, this DLL newly return garbage.

The DLL has log, where i log the value returned right before returning and at this state, the string is ok.


But when calling the function from Expert:

int id=103;
string sname=DLL_GET_NAME_BY_INDEX(id);

 sname is garbage.

I checked all, delete .ex5 , recompile, no change.

Has anyone else this problem ? (may a solution)

Thank you 

chinaski 2014.12.19 22:03  

Checked it out: 

The code above works correctly with build 975.

It works not correctly with build 1010 and build 1036. 


What has been changed ? 

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