Python API: history_deals_get() weird behavior



I observe weird behavior on this method.

There are cases that I can reproduce every time but also there are those which seem like random...

Package version: 5.0.36

OS: Windows 10

NOTE: I have deals on every (working) day in last 30 days, so there should be a lot of deals listed.

Observed behavior:

Got "invalid arguments (CODE: -2)" error for:

  1. history_deals_get(,

Got correct data for:

  1. history_deals_get(,

Other things that cannot always be reproduced:

  1. First call in session (after restarting script) seems to get empty array results (without error) in most cases. Other calls, if there is no "invalid argument" error, give correct data
  2. Sometimes it seems like method works every other session: in first session it does not work, then it again works and so on, weird...
  3. Seems like method works better when more days are specified. If I specify 30 days in history I get results almost every time, if I specify 1 day I get results sometimes.

Does anyone else have such issues?