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Why is a price of subscribers different from signals?

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Hieu Tran Van
Hieu Tran Van  

Hi there,

Why Opened Price of  my subscribers is different from my signal? If subscribers don't like to copy orders, which are disadvantage with my signal, what do they do?




Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne  

Hi. The main reason they will get different prices (slippage) to you are:

  1. Different brokers will have slightly different prices (there is no "central exchange" in forex) 
  2. Different brokers have very different spreads which will affect the bid/ask
  3. In the time it takes for your terminal to place an order with your broker, transmit the order to subscribers, be received by the subscriber and the subscribers terminal placing the order with their broker - several seconds may have passed. Even if they use the same broker as you, the market could have moved quite a few pips in that time (especially if it's a volatile pair, during news etc). 

Your subscribers can set how much slippage is acceptable in the signals options in their terminal (deviation/slippage). This is set as a fraction of the current spread, not pips or points. For example, if the current spread is 4 pips and they set their deviation/slippage at 0.5, then the order will not be placed if the price is more than 2 pips different (0.5 x 4 pip spread). They will then become un-synchronized with your signal. Their terminal will try to synch again later on and if the conditions match, the order will be placed. See more info here:


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