How do I copy all EAs from one account to the other?

John Doe  

I am on a PC and want to move about 60 EAs from one MT5 terminal from one PC to the MT5 terminal of another. Is there a way to copy the EAs and also have them open and be set on all new chart windows on another much faster? 

The obvious solution is to copy the EAs and set them on the charts one by one. Is there a faster way?


From the source PC, follow the steps below on the MT5:

1. File

2. Open data folder

3. MQL5

4. Experts

5. Select all files and copy

6. Paste them in a compressed (zipped) folder

7. Sent to your email

8. Open email from second PC, download the files and follow steps 1 to 4 on second MT5, then paste files.