Need help multiplying integer by SYMBOL_POINT to create a hard stop

int StopLoss = 10;
double openPrice = PositionOpenPrice(glSellTicket);
double point = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_POINT);
double stopLoss = openPrice + point*StopLoss;                     
stopLoss = NormalizeDouble(stopLoss,int(digits));
Print(__FUNCTION__," Sell Stop Loss Normalized "+ _Symbol +" "+DoubleToString(stopLoss));

I recently purchased the Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5 *** and I seem to be having a problem with the highlighted code.

It returns a value of 0 when I really want to return a value that has a decimal that I can add. 

Please help. Beginner here. Thank you - User Memo - User Memo
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Is it maybe the value of digits you input to NormalizeDouble is zero?

That would truncate your double to be a natural number.

Therefore, most probably giving you zero, since your SL value is below 1.

Thank you for responding

double stopLoss = openPrice + point*StopLoss;    did not work with a variable
double stopLoss = openPrice + point*10;    it did work when I hardcoded the actual number

Why would it work this way? 

Please help to provided information as to how I can fix this to include a variable instead of hardcoding

double stopLoss = openPrice + point*StopLoss;        

You buy at the Ask and sell at the Bid. Pending Buy Stop orders become market orders when hit and open at the Ask.

  1. Your buy order's TP/SL (or Sell Stop's/Sell Limit's entry) are triggered when the Bid / OrderClosePrice reaches it. Using Ask±n, makes your SL shorter and your TP longer, by the spread. Don't you want the specified amount used in either direction?

  2. Your sell order's TP/SL (or Buy Stop's/Buy Limit's entry) will be triggered when the Ask / OrderClosePrice reaches it. To trigger close to a specific Bid price, add the average spread.
              MODE_SPREAD (Paul) - MQL4 programming forum - Page 3 #25

  3. The charts show Bid prices only. Turn on the Ask line to see how big the spread is (Tools → Options (control+O) → charts → Show ask line.)
    Most brokers with variable spreads widen considerably at end of day (5 PM ET) ± 30 minutes. My GBPJPY shows average spread = 26 points, but average maximum spread = 134 (your broker will be similar).

I am not sure. But I would suggest using brackets for your formula.

double stopLoss = openPrice + (point * StopLoss);
Dominik Egert #: I am not sure.

Perhaps you should read the manual. If you had read the Precedence Rules you would know that makes no difference.
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Yes. Maybe.
A few days ago I had a mistake concerning brackets and I read up. Still, it's better to 4ead with brackets.
BUT, yes, of course you are right on that.