I need someone who can help us with an EA with hedging strategy


Hey community, 

i need someone who knows how to integrate hedging in an existing MT4 EA. 

But at first i have some questions and some things to discuss about the implementation in the existing EA strategy.

If someone is interested, please contact me. 

Thank you!

Todd Peter Gilbey
Todd Peter Gilbey  

I see you're new to this forum. That's fine but wanted to warn you there are some seriously snotty, egotistical little mummy's boys on here who will hurl abuse at you and make out like you're asking an unreasonable question, basically attempting to deflect their insecurities onto you - and I don't necessarily mean insecurities around their ability to code either, if you get my drift :P

Don't let it get to you, rise above it if that does happen to you.

Anyway, onto your question, I feel this would be better posted as a job on this forum. You can hire a freelancer on here who you can put all your questions and discussions to. This forum is good for guidance on how to eliminate small bugs etc in your code but your request sounds like a much larger scale project which would ideally need a dedicated freelancer to help with that.

I will say however, that some brokers may not allow hedging, so check first before you implement a hedging strategy as you may get an error and you can't work out the reason why :)

Essentially, to hedge, you just implement a "buy" and a "sell" order - one below the other - using the standard syntax here  OrderSend - Trade Functions - MQL4 Reference



All the best :) 

OrderSend - Trade Functions - MQL4 Reference
OrderSend - Trade Functions - MQL4 Reference
  • docs.mql4.com
OrderSend - Trade Functions - MQL4 Reference