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The MQL5.com website brings together traders from all over the world. Users publish articles, share free codes, sell products in the Market, perform Freelance orders and copy trading signals. You can communicate with them on the Forum, in trader chats and in MetaTrader channels.

Like most of the existing instant messengers, MetaTrader chats offer opportunities for broadcasting messages to large audiences. Two messaging types are available: groups and channels. Both types allow communicating with friends and colleagues, as well as sharing images, videos and files. Each of the types can be additionally used as a means to increase revenues from MQL5 services, such as Signals and Market.

Channels are usually used for broadcasting information to subscribers and thus they can serve as a microblogging platform. For example, they provide an efficient way to share news and important announcements with Signal subscribers or Market product users. If you make a channel public, any MQL5.community member will be able to subscribe to it. In private channels, only the owner and users with administrator permissions can invite members. A distinctive feature of this chat type is that message can only be sent by the channel owner or administrators. Subscribers can only read posts, without the ability to write messages.

Channels can be conveniently viewed in MetaTrader mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Channels in MetaTrader mobile apps for iPhone and Android

We have additionally created a separate messenger app MQL5 Channels for iPhone, which supports all the functionality of MQL5.community chats. With the highly efficient data packing, your messages are delivered using as little data as possible. Messages are delivered quickly, even on slow networks and devices.

Author: MetaQuotes

Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein  

Dear Metaquotes,

this is surely a good start, but compared to other messengers no improvement - not even close to them.

If you have hundreds of customers in a group you're working with this group chat management tool all day long and to keep the overview there are essential features missing.

1. The option to quote and reply to a specific message in the chat history. 

2. The option to search for specific text fragments or postings of specific users in the chat history 

3. A pinned message on top of the chat where the admin can clarify the chat group rules and summarize links to interesting messages (content that otherwise get lost in the flood of messages)

4. Posting a screenshot with a specific text - so that everyone knows this is related to each other. So far, the picture and text is splitted in two separate messages.

Optional features are:

5. The option to add smileys. I know you don't like them but that's how people communicate these days. Without them it's all pretty "cold" and emotionless.

6. The option for a dark-mode, for better readability and less stress for the eyes.

I can just encourage you to study what missing on this platform compared to your personal favourite messenger tool.
If you implement just a few of your favourite features you'll attract more and more users (authors) to switch.

If you like to get a visual impression of how we do it for us and our company please contact me in private.

Thanks and best regards

Bernhard Schweigert
This is a step forward. Just make sure that private messages are not delayed, as they sometimes were for many hours. This may not be the case if you have only a few messages, but since I have hundreds of clients and many messages, it is often the case.
Jan Flodin
Jan Flodin  

What I am personally missing is the option to archive chats so that they will disappear from the right pane. You had that option back in 2018 (or late 2017?) before you totally changed the messaging system to its present form. As Bernhard mention some of us have hundreds of clients and many messages during a day. It was really convenient to reply to the customer with a solution or explanation and then archive the chat knowing that the remaining visible items are messages still to be processed. It was like a TODO list for me. Of course, if the customer sends a reply in an already archived chat that message should appear in the list of active chats again. Daniel suggested something similar (point 1) in the first comment.

An advantage with an archiving system is also that it will be easier to spot the messages in case they are delayed. As you know delayed messages are not appearing at the top of the list as they arrive but sorted according to the time the customer sent it.

Thanks in advance for considering this improvement.

Flavio Jarabeck

Metaquotes should enable only for Approved Sellers an API to publish directly to Channels.

Sellers have to deal with dozens on Social Media tools turning their work of "spreading the word" more and more complicated without the flexibility of a closed tool like this...

To me, right now, it is useless...

Bernhard Schweigert
Bernhard Schweigert #:
This is a step forward. Just make sure that private messages are not delayed, as they sometimes were for many hours. This may not be the case if you have only a few messages, but since I have hundreds of clients and many messages, it is often the case.

Right now I am seeing this problem again. A message shows up in the message list as new, but when I open the message it is from 2 weeks ago and no updated chat shows up.