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Indicators: Open with break MA

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Open with break MA:

This indicator shows when to open positon.

If it break above moving average 5 line its time to buy and break below sell... and break more moving average 20 that more strong buy and sell.

Open with break MA

Author: reza rahmad


Hello Reza,

great job.

Please can you add an alert if the signal appears at the beginning?

Thanks in advance.

Hendri Agustian
Hendri Agustian  

Hi Reza, when I try to compile it shown an error.

Maybe you should edit these code :

extern double MA_fast = 5;
extern double MA_slow = 20;
extern double MA_shift_fast = 2;
extern double MA_shift_slow = 0;

the input number above are integrer (without coma)

and I try to edit the code and have no error when compiling.

these are the new code :

extern int MA_fast = 5;
extern int MA_slow = 20;
extern int MA_shift_fast = 2;
extern int MA_shift_slow = 0;

BTW thx for sharing !!!

Alan Gasperi
Alan Gasperi  
HI, congratulations for the indicator, however, the indicator does not update with the new candle.
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