IO operation failed with code e9 (233)

Laurentius Karbon  
Hi, I am running MT5 on Wine (Linux Ubuntu) and I get this message in the journal tab of the 'Strategy Tester Visualization' window, "IO operation failed with code e9 (233)"
The log file gives the same info, the ending lines are
NP 0 13:50:34.592 Tester final balance 10000.00 USD
RJ 0 13:50:34.592 Tester OnTester result 0
QM 0 13:50:34.594 Tester EURUSD,M15: 170330 ticks, 384 bars generated. Environment synchronized in 0:00:00.172. Test passed in 0:00:00.290 (including ticks preprocessing 0:00:00.007).
LN 0 13:50:34.594 Tester EURUSD,M15: total time from login to stop testing 0:00:00.462 (including 0:00:00.172 for history data synchronization)
QJ 0 13:50:34.594 Tester 441 Mb memory used including 2 Mb of history data, 64 Mb of tick data
MP 0 13:50:34.594 Tester log file "C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\Tester\Agent-\logs\20211031.log" written
HP 2 13:50:34.594 MQL5 debugger IO operation failed with code e9 (233)
IH 0 13:50:34.594 MQL5 debugger disconnected
PN 0 13:50:34.594 test Experts\LK\Framework EA\MA Crossover SingleTrade 1\MA Crossover SingleTrade1.ex5 on EURUSD,M15 thread finished

HN 0 13:50:34.605 prepare for shutdown

Searching the internet I find nothing describing code e9 (233).
I ran this Expert last week and the it was generating trades in the debugger and now it does nothing and I wonder if it is related to this error code.
Does anyone know the meaning of "IO operation failed with code e9 (233)"
I am wondering the same. All I found is that e9 in hex is 233 in decimal.

Have you added the address to the allowed list?

In the settings on the Experts tab