how to import EA

Does anyone know why I don´t see the EA that I imported to mt5. when I create a new and pasted the cod in it it does not work. The cod work in mt4.

If your EA was created for MT4 so it will not work for MT5.
Because mql4 (for MT4) and mql5 (for MT5) are different programming languages.
You need to program/convert/re-program this EA for MT5, and this EA will work for MT5 in this case.

MT4 and MT5 are different trading platforms.

Of course there are some exceptions (cross-platform EAs for example - click on this search resuts links for more), I mean - there are some EAs which work for MT4 and MT5 by one code. But it is very exceptional case.

So, -

  • if you created EA for MT4 so it will work for MT4 only;
  • if you created EA for MT5 so it will work for MT5 only.

And this is some general information - how to install EA in MT4.
If you have source code of EA -  compile EA in MetaEditor (to receive ex4 file).
And after that -

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Eleni Anna Branou, 2018.04.19 11:43

1. Open your MT4 platform.

2. Open the chart of the instrument that you want to trade with (currency, stock, commodity or index).

3. Copy the .ex4 file of your expert advisor (I believe this is what you call automated trading robot) and paste it in the: File >> Open Data Folder >> MQL4 >> Experts folder of your MT4 platform.

4. Right click on the Refresh option of your Experts Advisors folder in the MT4 Navigator window.

5. Click on the Experts Advisors folder, find the expert you've just inserted and drag it on the chart that you want to use it with.

6. A window with the Expert Advisor's setting will be opened and there you can fill all the parameters of your "robot".

7. Don't forget to tick the: Allow live trading in the Common tab of your Expert's settings.

8. Close the settings window and if you want to begin trading with your Expert Advisor, click the: Auto Trading button of your MT4 platform.

9. If you see a happy smiling face in the upper right corner of your chart, then you are OK.

10. If you want to avoid internet and power outages, it is strongly recommended to use a VPS service for your automated trading.

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