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Function to call some external executable

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Jin 2011.05.04 02:40 

Hey Ross,

Does MQL5 has some function that can execute an external program (both synchronously or unsynchronously) ??

We could used it as a trigger to some external process, in a very simple way (we could call this function from OnTick() event handler).

It would help a lot the integration of Metratrader with something outside, without the use of C dll's, WCF, interops, and others tricks.


The signature of this function could be something like: 

void CallingExternProg(string fileName, bool synch); 


Thank you. 

Jin 2011.05.04 04:00  

I have just figured out that would be better to have a signature like:

 void  CmdShell(string cmd, bool sync);



CmdSheel "..\myprog -param1 -param2", TRUE;



Andrei Moraru
Andrei Moraru 2011.05.05 13:47  
That would make all the EAs/indicators/scipts potential major security threats.
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