EA entering candle on the end instead of on opening


Hi everyone

My EA has been coded by my developer but is entering candles on the end instead of the opening within 0.2 of a pip, can anyone tell me what could be done to fix EA to place trade faster on candle opening as enters trades 3 pips away and similar issues with exits when on 1 trade the EA could not exit after attempts as exit price not recognised invalid?

Is it possible my issues with EA could be via the code developer should developer use the rule for EA's that  explicitly control bar opening  instead of  every ticks on the code.

You can't know when a candle closes. Only when a new tick arrives that starts a new bar is the old bar closed.
i found your issue quite poetic,
cause end of a candle is also the opening of a candle (the new one) 

i don't know what exactly your trading logic is, but it sounds like yours likely to have repainting problem

is it possible for an EA to enter trade on a HA candle within 0.2 of a pip ? Just asking as my coder cant quite develop code for EA to enter HA candle within 0.2 of a pip ! instead it is entering and exiting from 1 to 7 pips from desired entry/exit point, entries are the worst i checked spread /slippage etc but they were not the cause.

Can anyone save my trading strategy with mt4 and help me out especially if they can develop code to trade with my requirements please contact me?