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Forum for suggestions for MT4/5 features?

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gjgjg 2014.10.28 13:25 

Hi all,

I can't find a forum area where people can enter (constructive) feature suggestions for future updates. If forum admin is reading and there isn't one so far, it would be nice to have one - with votes!


In case  this is the right place:

 I'd like to see a feature so we can visually organise our different chart tabs better. Currently the only navigation is the small arrows at the bottom right of the screen but this is really bad on Win Touch screen and is pretty limited in general (with the mouse). Also if you have many windows of the same pair, it can be hard to jump to the right one quickly, especially if you have to scroll to get there (even with the 'right click pop up' for different charts, you cant see which is the one you want until you open it). 

What I'd like to have instead is the ability to rename and colour code the window tabs (like in MS Excel 'sheets'), so even with the current arrows and right click window it would be a lot easier to find the window you want.
Another simple fix would be to have 2 rows of window tabs instead of a scrollable single row. It would really make my 'scalping' life much easier!

Mock up:

 MT4 MT5 better chart navigation


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