Trade Lot Size Manipulation ?

Steven Chandra  
Hi Everyone,

My friends join this broker, they run EA on MAM/PAMM MT4 Platform
But if you look closely at image attached, the trade lot size is not representing real trade.

The trade shows It's open the trade with 21.70 lot size.
But somehow It isnt, the real lot size traded is 54.24 lot in the comment section.

Can someone elaborate how It comes in the first place ?

Thank You
Sergey Golubev  

It may be partial closing or the trade was added to the first trade, or hedging/netting account ...
You can open desktop version of the terminal to checl all the logs (Metatrader journal) about what was opened, when, partial closing or partial openning or any.

Besides, you should consult with your broker because we are not discussing everything here which may be related to any "MAM/PAMM MT4 Platform"


For example - I opened sell order for XAU/USD now, and I see that it is written in Metatrader journal about it:

Steven Chandra  
And I still dont understand why the trade isn't do the trade with lot size 21.70 , its clearly state beside the XAUUSD quotes
Steven Chandra  
Dominik Egert:
I don't know exactly about the mam/pamm calculations, but as an idea.

If you open a position on the client side of a managed account, the volume opened should represent also the added share for the manager.

Isn't that so?
Hi Dominik,

No,It Isn't.
Usually everything shows "normal" by the means of lot size match with volume data in the comment section. In above case, the volume in the comment section should be 21.7xxxxx , not 54.246578

But It was using 54.24 lot to trade the account, strange isn't it

Client has Its own investor account, so they can watch closely their own trade