Can someone help me create this bot on Mql5 please

My strategy is simple
To buy,
Start a B1 buy anywhere with an L1 lot, SL1 stoploss and TP1 takeprofit
If the trade hits the TP, we restart the operation otherwise
we launch the 2nd B2 purchase with an L2 lot, an SL2 stoploss and a TP2 takeprofit
If the trade touches the TP, we start the 1st operation again otherwise
we launch the 3rd purchase B3 with a lot L3, a stoploss SL3 and a takeprofit TP3
AND so on up to even 20 TRADE
THE LOTS are already calculated in my excel files
thank you in advance
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Please fix this indicator or EA

Sergey Golubev, 2017.03.24 07:23

And this is my other suggestion (which came from tsd 2010 and from tsd 2008):


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