Futures exchange data broker



I need futures exchange data to use a volume profile indicator on MT5. I've only found a broker with futures data, but this broker gives the DAX data delayed on the demo account.

Do you know if exists another broker that provides futures data on demo account with DAX real time? 

In the other hand, Is there a possibility of hiring a futures data feed to use it in real time on MT5?

I've been looking for this and I've not been able to find it

PS: I don't know if I can name brokers in this forum, so I have not said which broker I have found.

Thank you very much

Keith Watford
Keith Watford  
Broker recommendations are not allowed.
Do your own research.
Dominik Egert
Dominik Egert  
A data provider is cqg.com

I don't know if they have your asset.