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What's Happened to all the Demo Signals

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traveliron 2014.10.20 22:29 

It has been a little while since I looked at the Signal Tab on the MQL5 website but all the demo signals appear to have gone. Instead it is all real account signals with the little green tick and only a hanful of free ones.

You could look at MT4 or MT5 menu on the left and select either Real or Demo. But now there is no choice, the demo stuff has gone.


Romeu Bertho
Romeu Bertho 2014.10.21 00:20  

You just need to select the brokers server, in your case a demo one.



bhakti arifianto
bhakti arifianto 2014.10.21 02:24  
i thought about the same too
traveliron 2014.10.21 10:33  
Do you mean selecting a demo server where it says "Your Broker's server" because that does not work in my case. If I select a demo server it still gives me real signals exclusively.
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