Issue: Using command line to automate optimization of EAs but generating Blank reports

Kwong Wai Wong  

I am trying to use command line to automate the optimization of some EAs.

Below is the content of the ini file I am using.

I tried to optimize the EA manually(without command line and ini) and it works fine. 

It also works fine when "optimization = 0" (saved reports as htm) but it doesn't work anymore when I try to optimize the EA with All Symbols selected in MarketWatch() "optimization = 3" ).

The report (xml) saved from mt5 has all the headers (Symbol, Pass, Result, Profit, etc) but there is no content under it.

Can anyone help with this issue please?

Thank you in advance!

expert = MS-M15-003
expertparameters = test.set
symbol = AUDCAD
period = M15
deposit = 10000
leverage = 1:500
model = 1
executionmode = 1
optimization = 3
optimizationcriterion = 0
fromdate = 2017.01.01
todate = 2019.01.01
forwardmode = 0
report = Reports\MS-M15-003
replacereport = 1
shutdownterminal = 1

Blank optimized report

Kwong Wai Wong  

Hi is there anyone can help with this please?

thanks in advance!

Hi, sorry i cannot help you, but i have the same problem. MT5 saves only empty reports.
Maybe someone knows the solution:)
Jens Noesel  

I have the same Problem under Optimization of all MarketWatchSymbols, if i use Batch.

Any solution or Idea for this?