Optimisation complexe EA MT5 problem


I would like help with the optimization of an EA on MT5
I have a very complex EA that requires very precise optimization.
It is a multipare EA, which works on the 28 pairs at the same time.
Backtest work perfectly, using "all Tiks", and even the customme pairs I imported from Tick Data Suite to MT5

My problem is when I want to make optimizations.
There is by Ticks, based on real, and genetic Tick.

If I use "genical" optimizations, or "slow" .... Can not matter what I seeps, it does not work with "All Ticks"
it only works with "1 minutes ohl"

The problem is that "1 minutes ohl", the results obtained are comlently wrong.
I mean there is not just a gap, it's completely wrong.
If I take an optimization obtained by "1 minute ohl", to make a backtest to check in "all the ticks", on optimization I have 10% of DD on the last 4 year, while in Backtest "all The Ticks "The EA explodes the account completely in 3 months.

The solution is to make optimization with all the Tiks, but I have this error message that I post in photo.
Can any mode, from the moment or I use by Tick, I have the error message.
I also specify that my optimization are done on the 28 pairs too, I have no choice, because this EA uses the quotations of all the spars to work, and also it closes in Averaging ....

Another precision, my hardware configuration is powerful, I have a 12 core i7, with 64GB of RAM
I have 250GB of disk space still free

So I do not understand where this memory error message comes from

It's been a month since I'm blocked, so if you can help me.

Thank you !
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What are the testing dates (from...to) you are using ?

From my experience it takes 100 GB to optimize a multi currencies EA (28 pairs) on 1.5 years using 6 agents.

1 agent, using 16,9 GB of temp files.



I try 2017/2018/2019/2020

And I use 8/12 agent on my compuetr, and the other as on local on other computeur.