Manage slippage during rollover hour in ECN AT low liquidity

Rachmat Sadikin  
How did we manage slippage during rollover hour in ECN? low liquidity

If im not wrong

In ECN we got what we got, no matter what slippage setup on our EA we input. Theres no Requote etc

Especially during rollover hour, spread and spikes went mad because liquidity issue

I found many time even we use TP and SL, the price we got running unfavorable, even tough sometimes i got better price and exit, but mostly we had in negative price.

is there any unique solution, from this situation? im only asking for ECN broker.

Since the lowest spreads is what i needed.

SL and TP didnt work out well, i had many times showing green 4-6 pips TP report but negative slippage resulting loose money

now one solution is :

Im thingking about, splitting the volume in few bunch of times.

Lets say.

in one second we hit the order 1 lot, and close it too at rollover hour and got spiky price and negative slippage, that usssualy running bad even with TP.

the other one, we hit 0.333 lot three times in 1-2 sec duration, then closed them all eventually at rollover hour. <-- even we got slippage but the lower volume might be favorable to be closed easily at moderately diversified price. but still nearer the price that we need to be

What do you guys things? Any other oppinion?