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Avoid bad MAE's - Meaning of "Stop if equity is less than XY EUR"

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Hello there,

if i want to follow some signals via MetaTrader4 i can set some options.

For example i can say: "Use no more than ... % of deposit.
Ok that's clear! :) Alright :)

But in the next row i can say: "Stop if equity is less than ..XY.. EUR"

Now my question:

Will MetaTrader4 automaticly close OPEN positions if the actual rate drops under the claimed equity?

Or will MetaTrader4 always wait until the SignalProvider closes the position?
... And then (after closing) "auto unsubscribe" according as equity is less than ..XY..

In other words:
What exact means "Stop"?
Cancel(close) open positions immediately if equity ..XY.. EUR is reached.
After closing position by Provider check if "new" equity EUR is less than ..XY.. and applicable "auto" unsubscribe.

I hope you realize the mind of my question. I want to avoid bad MAE's.
My english ist not practiacal proved ;)

Kind regards
Dustin Nöthlichs

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe  

You have answered yourself in your question.

It means the MT4 terminal will stop receiving further trades provided by the SIGNAL PROVIDER. 

Remember all positions will be closed to avoid further drawn-down of your BALANCE. it is more like a kill switch to protect your account.

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