issue with double order, mysterious bug or something else?


Hi All, 

I have the code below to find the fibonacci and entry point and tp and sl on the chart and start trading based on the data on the chart. 

it suppose to monotor the market and if the market reaches the entry point (that can be moving entry point like Psar indicator) then start the trade. 

(Trade is in three position as you can see)


for some reason wometimes the code opend 2 series of trades. it is very strange as I put a Trade=false order when the triger happens and I expected that next tick it know that the Trade is now false and should not trade again. unfortunately this has happened three times last week and made me frustrated. I really do not know where is the problem . 

I appreciate if you can help me, or if you have some problem similar to the issue above. What did you do?

MAny Thanks Guys


zone.mq4  15 kb
Keith Watford
Keith Watford  
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