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My indicator alert shows the price with 4 digits but i want to show 5 digits how can i make this?

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zedzed1 2014.10.01 13:19 

Hello i have an indicator thats have a put or buy alert, it also shows the price. Only its always .0000 or less but i want to see 5 digits.

 This is the alert ................ ",Symbol()," 3-5 MIN "," METATRADER PRICE@", Bid); the bid price needs to be 5 digits and not 4 

 how can i change that? 

Thanks a lot 

Sergey Dzyublik
Sergey Dzyublik 2014.10.01 13:54  

 use NormalizeDouble

 ",Symbol()," 3-5 MIN "," METATRADER PRICE@", NormalizeDouble(Bid, 5)); 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.10.01 19:46  
Nothing to do with NormalizeDouble. Use DoubleToString(Bid,5).
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