LSTM Deployment in Metatrader 5

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been doing some research into machine learning and specifically LSTM’s for some time and I wondered if anyone had deployed any models within metatrader 5 and how they think is the best way to go about it?

I’ve got models made in python with tensorflow which are currently being served on a google cloud predict service.

Has anyone had an experience integrating with MQL5 to create an indicator/EA which can communicate with something like this?

I like the idea of using the strategy tester rather than having to run everything in python outside of MT5.

While I’m comfortable enough with python I’m by no means a programmer in it, much less anything C related like MQL so I’ll be looking for the help of a programmer probably via the freelance section on here but I wondered if its something that has been done before easily before I do that?


I have done it. I have used a C# (found on net) for HTTP request (To make HTTP request work in strategy tester). Also used JSON lib found on the net.

Here is a complete article series about neuronal networks in MQL5

Neural networks made easy (Part 11): A take on GPT
Neural networks made easy (Part 11): A take on GPT
Perhaps one of the most advanced models among currently existing language neural networks is GPT-3, the maximal variant of which contains 175 billion parameters. Of course, we are not going to create such a monster on our home PCs. However, we can view which architectural solutions can be used in our work and how we can benefit from them.