Spoted a backtest inconsistency on MT5


Dear everyone,

Recently, I've decided to back test an EA advisor from the CodeBase section called Three timeframes. I ran the test on different time frames on EURUSD and I was happy with the results, but it turned out that after I have attached the strategy to EURUSD 1 minute chart it made 10 trades yesterday and the day before that while the back test for the same period ran no trade, not only one and I was using the same parameters on the EA Advisor.

So, the question is, is the back testing on MT5 reliable? Also, I've noticed that after I left my laptop on standby last night being disconnected from the internet, MT5 still ran 3 trades during the night. From my little understanding, if you are disconnected from the internet, normally the EA Advisor should stop working, shouldn't it? I was wondering if anybody in this community has ever encountered these two issues and if so, what have you made of them?

For this query sake, I've attached three snippets, one from my trading history and another two from the back test result for 25th and 26th of March.