Include file (.mqh ) function list ?


Hi from a newbie !

I understand what a library  is, and a great example from that article :

But i want to know this for future use, which library i can include and which functions that library have .

I searched a while but i cant find a list for this. All i can found is :

But it has not what im searching :(

MQL5: Create Your Own Indicator
MQL5: Create Your Own Indicator
What is an indicator? It is a set of calculated values that we want to be displayed on the screen in a convenient way. Sets of values are represented in programs as arrays. Thus, creation of an indicator means writing an algorithm that handles some arrays (price arrays) and records results of handling to other arrays (indicator values). By describing creation of True Strength Index, the author shows how to write indicators in MQL5.
William Roeder  

Only the library creator knows what functions and their parameters (count and datatypes) are in the library. The creator must provide that.