CopyTicks - how to allow duplication of ticks


The CopyTicks function does not copy the duplication of ticks. For example: the difference between two ticks are flags and date. In the first case, the flags are 14, and in the second case, the flags are 8. The time differs by 1000 milliseconds.

Each tick is very important for my script because the script analyzes the history and if some tick in history are absent, then the script do wrong analysis.

My question is: How can I allow duplication of ticks for CopyTicks function ?

I attached the screenshot. The OnTick event is called two times and this event give two duplication of ticks but the CopyTicks function is received only the first tick. I want to get two ticks from CopyTicks function.

CopyTicks.png  34 kb

CopyTicks copy all ticks requested.