Execution problems

I need help with a situation.  
I have a few ea's that I like how they perform on backtesting so I put them on a live account (ecn) the problem is that it does not perform as in backtesting. For example : in backtesting for february I had 35 trades, but running live in February I only had @20. The ones in livetrading correspond with some in backtesting. same second and everything, but some do not operate the modifications as they should in backtesting.  
   I tried running multiple platforms of Mt on same ea, different accounts,  and the same. From those 35 transactions in backtesting in February,  on my first live account I had 18, same transaction,  different results, on second testing live acc I had 20 transactions that correspond with the ones in backtesting but did not have the same ending. 

   My big question is: How do I make the ea do same trades as in backtesting? 

Grzegorz Pawlak:
Hi, back test and real trading will always little different because back test is created in "perfect" environment real market is not perfect. You have a big difference between backtesting and real trading, so this strategy shouldn't use in real accounts if you don't want to lose funds. Regards Greg

thank you very much for your answer. 

its just odd to see 3 separate live accounts executing different parts of the same tranzactions from backtesting. Shouldn't i see same transactions on all live trading giving that they are all built in the same way, same settings same internet connection, same everything???  Thanks