Am I allowed to release paid indicator that requires additional software/executable to be installed?

Maksim Kuzmin
Maksim Kuzmin  

I'm new to the community, so please move this topic into more appropriate sub-forum, if I picked wrong one.

I'm planning to release a set of Bitcoin indicators (it will be one product, though), which, to my surprise, I haven't found neither on the web, nor as MT5 extension. Basically, it's going to show:

- Mempool Volume (summary value)

- summary UTXO value

, and maybe something more in future. The problem is, that to run this indicator, user will be required to do following thing:

  1. Download and install Bitcoin Core
  2. Do lots of tweaks in bitcoin.conf in order to set up RPC connection, txindex, etc.

Regarding 2nd, I know that people don't like digging into config files, so I think that the best solution would be to create some sort of wizard installation executable, which after installation of Bitcoin Core will do all the required tweaks. So, basically, the end user, after buying my indicator, will need to download executable as well, to make all those tweaks.

I'm wondering if that is allowed for sellers.

William Roeder
William Roeder  
Won't be able to pass the verification.