How to make MetaEditor look more like ATOM in Dark Mode - quick tutorial


Ok. Let's cut to the chase: (results below on a screenshot)

1. Go to MetaEditor and go to Tools/Options
2. Switch to Colors and fill this in:

(I will include only changes from the defaults)

a) Text Foreground: 244,108,117 ; Background: 15,16,20
b) Text Selection Background: 51,153,255
c) Selection margin Background: Black
d) Keywords Foreground: 198,120,221
e) Numbers Foreground: 209,154,102
f) Operators Foreground: 171,178,191
g) Strings Foreground: 152,195,121
h) Functions and entry points Foreground: MediumSlateBlue

3. Then go to Font and set: DejaVu Sans Mono

Viola. I know that besides main window rest is still bright and annoying, but there is not much you can do about it right now.

Hope this helps fellow programmers, who struggle with a lack of dark mode in MetaEditor as I do.


Oh thank you I was looking for this :)
This is ridiculous. My eyes are bleeding. We need proper dark theme