optimization result and parameter selection

hope you are all doing fine.first of all i need to ensure is the ea robust, market dynamics change time to time can my ea survive that
i read somewhere in the forum if the optimization result are cluster together the ea is robust. Can you guys take 
a look into my ea and comment about that.

the cluster is better between pass 2073 and pass 3326.maybe its because of the dominant factor of good result is, dependend on the value
of two moving averege.pls comment.

here is 3 dimensional graph of my most dominant factor 2 moving average. For slow MA the best value lies within 636 and 738.
so i picked value (636+738)/2=687.  for fast i picked (54+72)/2=63.

slow ma

for MACDv i picked 2.8(3D graph attached);

i read another approach from this forum. First open one dimensional graph then pick best value where balance is highest.pic attached.
about one dimensional graph the balance is increasing for a certain value then sudden drop then again increasing.
what is the interpretation of this behavior? 
which approach is better ???
1.using 3D graph then taking average of well performing zone or
2.using 1D graph and pick best performing value??

according to 1D graph my fast ma comes 54 and slowMA is 144 .

slow ma 1D

Keith Watford  

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Keith Watford:

Do not double post!

I have deleted your other topic.

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