Bug on Tester Build 2747 - Missing ticks

Airton Gomes Finoti  

While running this minimal piece of code, I have different results on tester.

input int nothing = 0;
double totalticks;

int OnInit() {
    totalticks =0;
void OnTick() {
    totalticks = totalticks+1;
double OnTester() {
    return totalticks;

Running for "All Symbols Selected in MarketWatch" I have these result 0 for MDNE3.

In Single Tests for MDNE3, I have result 7. 

It means that single test had 7 ticks while scanner had 0 ticks for the same symbols. 

It took me many hours to know the problem wasn't in my original EA and this is the most obvius way to show to you.

Anybody have same issue? Is there a solution?

All_symbols.png  23 kb
MDNE3.png  4 kb
Config.png  30 kb