Discussion of article "Optimal approach to the development and analysis of trading systems"


New article Optimal approach to the development and analysis of trading systems has been published:

In this article, I will show the criteria to be used when selecting a system or a signal for investing your funds, as well as describe the optimal approach to the development of trading systems and highlight the importance of this matter in Forex trading.

As we can see, there are signs of a global pattern here as well, and we just have to test the entire interval and see how it looks on a global scale:

The graph is far from perfect, but we can see the working segments. We may also try to introduce filters or carry out deep optimization. The choice of a specific tool is always optional. If we conduct a test on other pairs, then the result will probably be different, but after a certain amount of time spent, we will most likely find the optimal parameters for several pairs at the same time. If we manage to grasp and reinforce the physics, then the results will be even greater.

Even in its current form, the robot yielded acceptable results. There were very few deals but the EA worked on multiple currencies. Event the simplest code can serve as a powerful basis for developing an idea. Some systems can even be used without modifications.

Author: Evgeniy Ilin