Discrepancies between visual and non-visual backtest mode

Eric Emmrich  

Hi all,

I developed a simple trading strategy that relies on an indicator signal and currently forward-test it on a Demo account. When comparing forward and backtest results, I get almost the same results but only when backtesting visually. In non-visual mode, the results are different. 

After investigation, I found multiple differences:

  1. Different ticks depending on the mode.

    Ticks in visual mode:
    2020.12.16 14:37:00 Tick
    2020.12.16 14:37:00 Tick
    2020.12.16 14:37:00 Tick
    Ticks in non-visual mode:
    2020.12.16 14:37:00 Tick
  2. Slightly different indicator (RSI) values returned from OnCalculate() depending on the backtest mode.
Is there any way to overcome this so that results are equal independent of the backtest mode?